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Our Firm

Imagine someone you love hands over their life savings and entrusts you with the responsibility to make it last through their retirement. This personal experience inspired Karlan Tucker to find an investment strategy that would preserve his parent’s money. He successfully made their retirement a long and enjoyable one.

For over 30 years, Tucker Financial Solutions (formerly Karlan Tucker & Associates) has endeavored to help Coloradans successfully plan for retirement. We have consistently kept the personal mentality at the forefront of our client relationships. We have spent our entire careers working with people who are nearing, or already in, retirement. We understand your unique needs, and we know there’s simply no way you can afford to waste valuable retirement years trying to recover from heavy losses in the market.

You need reliability. You need to protect your profits. You need your money to go to work for you in retirement.

We’d love to meet you! Come visit our office in Littleton for a no-obligation cup of coffee with one of our advisors. Give us a call at 303-734-1234

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