Why Tucker?

At Tucker Financial, we’re committed to leading by example. This means understanding and owning the products and services that we recommend. It also means tackling important questions like, “What will it cost to be you in retirement?” Forcing ourselves to quantify our retirement income in dollars means accurately forecasting our lifestyle cost. Do you vacation in an RV or on the French Riviera? Do you plan to cook in your retirement or dine at restaurants every night of the week? What amount of legacy money do you plan on setting aside for your children or heirs? We take pride in making sure the plan we design with you perfectly fits your specific lifestyle moving forward.

Many people have been advised to follow the “4% Rule” in their retirement, living off of an annual 4% of their assets. This is a drastically outdated strategy developed in the 1980s when interest rates were 18%!

With unprecedented market volatility in the 21st century, the 4% Rule has been the cause of people running out of money in retirement. The obvious flaw in this plan is: What happens if you take a loss one year? If you lose even 10% one year, the next year you’ll need to take far more than 4% to pay yourself what the 4% paid you the year before. This is just one example of the surplus of outdated retirement advice circulating on the internet.

At Tucker, we will spend the time it takes to answer every question you have. We don’t believe in a high-pressure approach (it doesn’t work on us, either), but we focus on one goal — securing your retirement income plan. You may have grown your savings with another firm, but we’re the firm you retire with. Because, at some point in our lives, we all need to shift our retirement portfolio from just growth, to growth and income.

We’d love to meet you! Simply give us a call at 303-734-1234 to visit our office for a no-obligation cup of coffee with one of our advisors while we design your retirement income plan.

Our clients rely on us for expert advice on:

Tax planning that minimizes investment exposure

IRA and Roth IRA conversions that minimize taxes

Social Security benefit maximization

Planning for long-term care

Optimizing taxable, tax-deferred and tax-free accounts

Securing retirement reserve accounts

Determining the very best year to retire

And many more services

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